Barrier Free Accessible Shower

 A Barrier Free Accessible Shower is an integral part of living independently. Many people trust the wrong contractors to renovate their showers without having the proper training and experience.

There is a certain skill and understanding when building a barrier free accessible shower.

It’s imperative to sit down with your contractor to develop a strategic plan. Aesthetics are very important, but so is functionality.

For example, Building a barrier free shower with a 4” curb is not accessible.

If you are in a situation where you currently have a shower with a 4” or 6” curb, unfortunately you can’t just cut the curb out and re-tile. You will end up damaging the waterproofing membrane that is underneath the tile. Water damage is guaranteed in the near future. Click here for more information about traditional methods vs. new age methods of waterproofing.

A barrier free accessible shower should be seamless, with no step or curb. This ensures that a mobility device can be pushed in and out of the shower with ease. ( see here). In the case of living in a condo, the floor must be raised approximately 2” high so the water will drain properly. The 2” threshold can be removed by adding a removable rubber threshold Ramp to get past the 2” step.

This is not a job for the typical contractor as it takes skill and years of experience in accessibility. Necessary steps in creating a barrier free environment should be well thought out.

 It all starts with a plan in place. Creating a design layout ensuring all the fixtures and finishes are in the right places and at the right height.

You can trust Greater Toronto Accessibility to do it once and do it right! 

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