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    Whether you want to transform your old space or build a new one for accessible renovations, Thornhill, Greater Toronto Accessibility is a one-stop accessible service platform for all your needs. We proudly serve our services to make your home more accessible for everyone. Our highly qualified team has the expertise in accessible renovations to turn your dream house into reality. We specialize in renovating kitchens and bathrooms, adding rooms, whole house renovations, etc.

    Benefits of our Accessible Renovation Services

    Our accessible renovation services, Thornhill, allow you to transform a cherished space into one that can fulfill your needs for years. We provide an opportunity to upgrade your home more accessible for everyone. Our experts have the knowledge and experience to design and implement modifications that cater to specific accessibility needs. Whether installing ramps, incorporating assistive devices, widening doorways, LED lighting, or wheelchair accessibilities, we bring your vision to life. We specialize in accessible bathroom renovations in Thornhill to promote safety and freedom and make it more functional and aesthetic.

    Renovations Thornhill

    Home Accessibility Renovations - Show some care for your Loved Ones.

    Greater Toronto Accessibility is a leading company that provides services for accessible renovations. We have 13+ years of experience in barrier-free, special-requirement solutions for home accessibility and commercial renovations. We deeply understand the need for accessible renovations and are dedicated to helping people with disabilities. Here are some accessible home renovations that will help you start renovations and modify your home inclusively.

    Bathroom renovations

    A bathroom is a fundamental need for everyone. Undoubtedly, the bathroom is a dangerous place for people with disabilities because of the water, tiles, and congested space. We specialize in renovating your bathroom with the following barrier-free accessibilities to ensure safe and secure accessible bathroom renovations. 

    • Barrier-free shower
    • Motion-detected sink handles
    • Grab bars
    • Raised Toilet seats
    • Accessible vanities, drawers
    • Slip-resistant tiles, etc.
    Renovations Thornhill

    Bedroom Renovations

    We specialize in bedroom renovations that allow you to stay comfortably in your bedroom when you are injured or suffer from mobility issues like aging homeowners. We can transform your bedroom with accessibilities that give you comfortable or peaceful vibes.

    • Install bedside controls
    • Install adjustable bed
    • Install lift equipment, etc.

    Kitchen Renovations

    Make your kitchen task accessible with our accessible renovation services. We provide affordable projects to renovate your kitchen to be more accessible for disabled or aging homeowners. Look at some of our remodeling accessibilities:

    • Installed lower-floor cabinets and wall
    • Keep the frequently used items within reach
    • Wheelchair accessibility

    Enjoy freedom with our accessibility Services.

    Add value to your Thornhill space and make a sensible long-term investment. We understand all the depths of accessible renovation services and seamlessly remove all the barriers from your place. Our talented and expert team strives to provide efficient, cost-effective solutions for all residential and commercial accessibility needs.

    Our company is fully licensed and works under the safety standards. You can trust us and transform your place into a more accessible one. Our services make you worry-free and enable you to move around comfortably.


    Yes, we have solutions for different disabilities. From chronic patients to arthritis and wheelchair users, we have a solution to create accessible home renovations that cater to various needs and purposes. We offer comfort and freedom in a safe way to enjoy your life rather than depend on nurses and others.

    To know about accessible renovation guidelines, keep scheduling a consultation with our experts. They will guide you properly by assessing your needs and recommending accessible renovations that align with your preferences and requirements.

    Absolutely, we understand the importance of a luxurious appearance. Greater Toronto Accessibility can blend aesthetics with functionality with its premium materials and innovative solutions that let you enjoy a luxurious lifestyle with accessible features.

    The length of a project can vary depending on the complexity of the project, and it’s a little bit longer if any unforeseen issues arise. We always complete projects promptly and efficiently without compromising on quality.