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SerenaSeat Pro Stainless

Best seat in the house.

The NEW Pro series takes the award-winning SerenaSeat Standard and adds even more great features! The Pro Series features a stainless steel frame and an adjustable pressure hinge. The new designer colours last even longer and are easier to clean. The SerenaSeat Pro provides luxury and comfort when you need it, but conveniently folds against the wall when you don’t.


Product Features

Eco-friendly and built to last.
Bamboo is the perfect choice. Sustainable and resistant to moisture, temperature and bacteria. It’s also easy to clean and can support up to 500lbs. Why choose anything else?
Refined frame.
The SerenaSeat Pro’s stainless steel frame is 50% thinner than our standard aluminum frame. This gives a sleeker and more refined appearance.

Tech Specs

Material Frame: #304 Stainless Steel Seat: Bamboo
Frame Finish Brushed, Chrome, Matte Black, Matte White, Oil Rubbed Bronze
Wood Finish Light, Medium (waterproof polyurethane stain)
Weight Capacity 500lbs / 227kg (ADA Compliant)
Seat Widths 18" / 457mm, 26" / 660mm
Seat Depth 15.95" / 405mm


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The SerenaSeat frame is designed to distribute weight capacity over a wide surface area of the wall. Combined with installation into a secure structure, the SerenaSeat allows for a weight capacity up to 500lbs/227kg.
The seat can be cleaned with warm water and/or a mild cleaning agent. Wipe dry using a soft cloth. Do not use abrasive chemicals or cleaning products which may scratch the wood or affect the colour finish. The back rest panels are removable for to allow cleaning the tile wall.
Through our tests, the seat will only fade or weather over time when placed in direct sunlight (i.e. outdoor usage). This is common with many woods, plastics and fabrics.

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