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Barrier Free Shower Markham

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At Greater Toronto Accessibility, we strive to provide spacious, elegant, barrier-free showers for Markham residencies. Our barrier-free showers are designed to provide comfort and ease for people with mobility issues. We understand how difficult it is to see your loved ones to live in a home full of barriers. Whether due to a traumatic injury or aging, they face challenges and need extra care and attention to survive and do their daily chores. People with disabilities face many difficulties, and we are here to make accessible Bathroom Markham. We aim for everyone to live independently and freely in their homes and get all the ease and comfort they deserve.

Transform your Markham bathroom with a stylish, barrier-free shower.

As time passes, many of the latest technologies have replaced old ones. The barrier-free shower also replaces old showers that look tired and bored. Barrier-free showers are a fast-growing trend and are highly demanded due to being widely used in homes, hospitals, and other places. The increased demand can be attributed to barrier-free construction’s appearance and functional benefits. Let’s make a sensible investment in an eye-catching bathroom innovation like a barrier-free shower to create a spacious and brighter feel.

Barrier Free Shower Markham

Are you planning to renovate the barrier-free bathroom design?

Imagine your barrier-free bathroom in Markham looks modern and gives you the feeling of a luxurious spa instead of a traditional shower that looks old and boring. To create a seamless and eye-catching barrier-free bathroom design, you can take our services and enjoy safe and happy bathing.


We at Greater Toronto Accessibility blend functionality and accessibility and give your washroom a stylish and modern look. We understand that bathroom appearance is important and aim to provide a safe, durable, and accessible bathroom without compromising style. Our barrier-free showers are available in various finishes and colours that enhance your Bathroom design.

No, A Barrier-free shower is safe, easy to access, comfortable, and leakproof. It’s the best hygienic alternative compared to other traditional bathroom floors. The barrier-free shower has self-resistant technology on the surface to prevent it from slipping and falling.

Yes, we are licensed to provide accessible contractor services. Our team comprises highly qualified and experienced professionals who work diligently to make your life easier.

The requirements for a barrier-free bathroom include:

  • No step showers
  • Grab bars
  • Signage
  • Doorway widths
  • Turning space
  • Counter heights