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Say hello to the curbless shower Brampton rather than traditional and hazardous bathing. We are here at Greater Toronto Accessibility to transform your residential and commercial bathrooms into accessible and inclusive ones. Our services and quality are unmatched. We are the leading accessible renovation company in Brampton. Our mission is to turn boring and traditional bathrooms into vibrant, safer, accident-free places where families and individuals with disabilities grow happily and enjoy lives without obstacles.

Removing Obstacles and Enjoy the desires of a curbless shower

No doubt renovation projects are expensive, but they add value to your residential and commercial property. Our team specializes in creating stunning bathrooms that give an overwhelming look to your space. A bathroom full of obstacles is dangerous for your disabled loved ones because of slippery surfaces and curbs and also reduces the value of your property. Nowadays, everyone looks for an accessible home a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality. The demand for curbless showers is rising, and everyone in Brampton is looking for homes with accessible solutions like curbless showers and want a stylish oasis for a whole family.
Curbless Shower Brampton

Benefits of Using Curbless Shower

There are many benefits of installing a curbless shower in your bathroom. We guarantee the material quality and the installation. We focus on the customers’ requirements and provide them with the desired result. 

Aesthetic look

Curbless showers enhance your bathing experience with the cabin’s glass wall design. It changes the overall look of the lavatory with its spacious and modern design. You can also customize the design and add features to increase its look.


The surface of the curbless shower is level with the bathroom floor to provide barrier-free entrance and exit. The no-threshold is accessible for people of all ages, including disabled users.

Fast Drainage

The Curbless shower base is leveling, and there is no chance of standing water on the floor; the water is easily drained off through the drain. Its fast drainage system makes it ideal for kids or elders.


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You can use our services if you are a homeowner and want to remodel your bathroom. Our professionals have a lot of expertise in delivering notch quality products. Whether you are building an add-on bathroom, replacing a tub, or installing an accessible shower, we meet all your needs.At Greater Toronto Accessibility, we are always active. Contact us and set a meeting with our professionals for inspection and services.


There are plenty of things to be considered before installing a curbless shower. Some of them are listed below:

  • Drain Selection and Placement
  • Linear
  • Center
  • Open or closed shower concept
  • Showerhead placement
  • Tile selection.

A Curbless Shower is an effective investment to age in place. It benefits you when you face any serious health issue like disability, and when you get older, it provides a safe and independent bathing environment. It also improves the overall look of the lavatory, and you can easily fit in the bathroom as it gives a spacious look to your bathroom. Installing a curbless shower is a worthy investment to get benefits for a lifetime.

If your curbless shower is installed properly, it won’t leak water. The shower glass and walls should retain all the water, and it will drain to the floor through the sloped shower pan.

Yes, curbless showers are expensive compared to traditional showers, but undoubtedly, they give you long-term benefits.  The following are the reasons why curbless showers are expensive:

  • They are difficult to install.
  • It requires a linear drain or lowered floor.
  • They require careful installation planning, so consulting with experienced contractors is important.