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Say hello to the no-step shower rather than a traditional and hazardous shower. We are here at Greater Toronto Accessibility to transform your residential and commercial bathrooms into accessible and inclusive ones. Our services and quality are unmatched. We are the leading accessible renovation company in Etobicoke. 

Our mission is to turn boring and traditional bathrooms into vibrant, safer, accident-free places where families and individuals with disabilities grow happily and enjoy lives without obstacles.

Benefits of Using no step Shower

There are many benefits of installing a no-step shower in your bathroom. We guarantee the material quality and the installation. We focus on the customers’ requirements and provide them with the desired result. 

Aesthetic look

No-step showers enhance your bathing experience with the cabin’s glass wall design. It changes the overall look of the lavatory with its spacious and modern design. You can also customize the design and add features to increase its look.

No Step Shower Etobicoke


The no-step shower floor is level with the bathroom floor to provide barrier-free entrance and exit. The no-threshold is accessible for people of all ages, including disabled users.

Fast Drainage

The no-step shower base is leveling, and there is no chance of standing water on the floor; the water is easily drained off through the drain. Its fast drainage system makes it ideal for kids or elders.

Enhanced Safety by installing Our Modern no step Shower

Our Modern no-step shower includes a barrier-free shower pan, non-slip surface, grab bars, and shower head. It is accessible for older adults or wheelchair users because it provides easy access and a seamless transition from the traditional bathroom to the no-step shower. There is no threshold barrier; you can easily walk and move into the shower without fear of falling or slipping. These showers are safe for wheelchair users and seniors to enjoy independent bathing. You can also customize the shower by adding extra safety features like chairs for comfortable bathing and heated floors.

No Step Shower Etobicoke greto

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You can use our services if you are a homeowner and want to remodel your bathroom. Our professionals have a lot of expertise in delivering notch quality products. Whether you are building an add-on bathroom, replacing a tub, or installing an accessible shower, we meet all your needs.

At Greater Toronto Accessibility, we are always active 24/7. Contact us and set a meeting with our professionals for inspection and services.


Yes, we provide customizable options because everyone has different needs and preferences. We aim to create a bathroom according to your needs. We will discuss everything with our clients and bring their vision to life.

We provide our services in various areas across Canada, including Oakville, Toronto, Mississauga, Vaughan, Etobicoke, Markham, Richmondhill, North York, and Thornhill. 

Yes, we are licensed to provide accessible contractor services. Our team comprises highly qualified and experienced professionals who work diligently to make your life easier.

A No-step Shower is an effective investment to age in place. It benefits you when you face any serious health issue like disability, and when you get older, it provides a safe and independent bathing environment. It also improves the overall look of the lavatory, and you can easily fit in the bathroom as it gives a spacious look to your bathroom. Installing a no-step shower is a worthy investment to get benefits for a lifetime.