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Barrier Free Home

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    Adapting a barrier-free home design is a dream of every senior or disabled person. Due to the falling accidents, they want a secure and obstacle-free living area. If you are considering transforming your senior residence into a safe, easy-to-move, and walk-in living area, Greater Toronto Accessibility is a reliable company providing home remodeling and renovation services to various areas in Toronto. Our team is specialized and skilled in modifying your narrow, uneven home into a broad one. We will deeply visit each area of the house and make it accessible for your beloved to enjoy an older life with safety and freedom.

    Aging in place with a barrier-free home

    It is a challenging task for disabled or older adults to age in place in the most confined or bound style house where they face various difficulties in moving with a wheelchair or have no safety features integrated. We can help you modify your old home design into a barrier-free. This way, seniors can independently move into the kitchen, halls, bathroom, and every other area of the house without experiencing falls or injuries. We can create a home in which you can move freely, equipped with safety features and designed to improve your lifestyle from experiencing daunting tasks to risk-free, enjoyable life.

    Barrier Free Home

    Barrier-free home design

    Barrier-free home design involves the bathroom, kitchen, hall, and house exterior design. A bathroom is a wet place or riskier for elders to use without integrating safety features like barrier-free showers, handrails, and non-resistant floors. We focus on the following factors to modify your living area for safe aging.

    • Sturdy railings or grab bars are on important places like the stairs and bathroom where the risk of slipping and falling increases.
    • Rooms and bathrooms are more spacious free from obstacles. The things are settled on the side to give wheelchair users more space to move.
    • Proper lighting is installed in the overall house for better vision.
    • Wider doors for easy access to move through wheelchair and walker.
    • Switches and other connections are on access to prevent lifting.
    • We are incorporating Smart technology into the house for the convenience of the elders, like the voice-controlled system integration.
    • Ramps are constructed along with stairs for in and out.

    Enjoy Independent Living by using our Services

    Mostly, elderly or disabled people are dependent on a caretaker or the family. They need assistance to move or walk and do various house activities. Use our barrier-free design services to make your home accessible or safer for older or disabled people. 


    The prominent features of a Barrier-free home are:

    • Increase the proper lighting, and use several colours and surfaces with different textures in the house for people with poor vision.
    • Keep your home barrier-free with no steps, wider doorways, and halls, with lower appropriate counters for easy access for wheelchair users.

    Yes, in barrier-free homes, both entries and exits are designed to be easily accessible. We install ramps or lifts in barrier-free homes rather than stairs, wider doorways, and lever handles. It allows your loved ones to enter or exit easily.  

    The costs vary depending on needs and preferences. Talk to our experts about the actual cost; they will provide accurate estimates according to your preferences and requirements.

    At Greater Toronto Accessibility, we have 13+ years of experience in renovation and accessibility.  We are the best and leading barrier-free renovation services provider in Toronto. Check out our client reviews before starting your barrier-free home journey with us